their football kits have their initials on them


and niall is wearing zayn’s (๑✧◡✧๑)


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When Harry talks Niall really listens

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prayer circle to ensure that new album promo includes one direction playing a series of increasingly bizarre games with jimmy fallon on “the tonight show”

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Unseen pic of Niall and Theo

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“Because that’s what Harry does. Spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.” (x)

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the little irish shit and his shenanigans at their finest x

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Narry reaction when the interviewer says Niall’s name wrong on Today Show (x)

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last week i was at a music festival and uh i was walking around with my friends…

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thanks for the messages you guys. I’m feeling a lot more optimistic right now! love you guys xx

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This evening was the last of four times this summer when the sunset perfectly aligns with the grid of Manhattan. The view was incredible, of course, but what really struck me is the effect it had on the city. People flood the streets, traffic slows, and everyone takes it in. An entire city pauses for a moment to stop and simply marvel. It was beautiful.

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